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Book of Shadows Blessing/Simple Blessing

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Book of Shadows Blessing

When you start a new Book of Shadows, it is a good idea to bless it so that the book is protected and empowered. You'll need the book you'd like to bless, a sage bundle or frankincense incense sticks, and a lighter or matches. First, de-clutter your altar so you can lay the book in front of you. Light the sage bundle or incense and let the smoke hover across the book. With your free hand, slowly weave it in the smoke. Visualize every page in the book being filled with this smoke, cleansing it of any negativity. Then, speak this incantation:

By smoke and with light,
I work this spell by cloak of night,
So forth, from this time,
This book is now protected,
Blessed by faith and rhyme.

When you are done, write your first entry and keep it on your altar for the night.

Source: ADailyTarot-YahooGroup


Scott Cunningham suggests a great, but simple, blessing:

Put some clean, fresh water (preferably from spring, river, rain or ocean water) out in a glass or silver bowl, on the next Esbat (night of the Full Moon) --

You might say some sort of Blessing over it, such as:

"By East and WEst,
By North and South,
By the Goddess Isis
(or some other Full Moon Goddess, or your Patron Goddess)
May this water be blest!"

Position it where it will soak up the most (Full Moon) energies all night, bringing it in before sunrise. Pour into light-proof container, and use for any ritual purpose --

You can also add herbs or place stones for any magickal purpose, in the water, if desired.

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