Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Genesis of Freemasonry - Dr. David Harrison Book Out Now!

Few know the origins and the mysteries surrounding Freemasonry. Here the author Dr. David Harrison takes you on a journey to find the true meaning and origins of this mysterious brotherhood.

'The Genesis of Freemasonry' by Dr. David Harrison

This is a groundbreaking book which reveals the true history of the most secret of societies

using actual historical archive material and documents, Dr. David Harrison has woven together the origins of the Craft

Harrison traces the beginnings of the mysterious Masonic ritual, which was inspired by magic, alchemy and necromancy, and explored the search for the divine measurements of Solomon's Temple

This new modern ritual caused rebellions in within Masonry, these rebellions are explored by Harrison, and the leaders of the society discussed.

Out now in all major book outlets - Get yours now and find the answers.

Published by Lewis Masonic, 2009

'I can commend its purchase to any curious brother' The Square

'An excellent read' Mike Chapple - The Daily Post

'An amazing book - Highly recommended' - Bob Davies

'A revealing and thoroughly enjoyable journey' - Lewis Masonic

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