Saturday, May 30, 2009

Magical Bath Ritual


Magical Bath Ritual

A magical bath is perfect for the stress of today. To take one, you will need a candle, incense and an incense burner or tray, and some salt (preferably sea salt).
Give your tub a quick rinse, and start filling it with warm water. When the tub is as full as you like it, touch the surface of the water and say:

Blessed be the water.

Then put a little salt in your hand, touch the salt with your other hand, saying:

Blessed be the earth.

Toss the salt in the bath water, stir it three times clockwise. Light the candle, hold it over the bath and say:

Blessed be the fire.

Lastly, light the incense, and say:

Blessed be the air.

Put the candle and incense in some safe place in the bathroom, get in the tub, and enjoy.

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