Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Season of Quiet Spell

(Scrying or Divining - always searching for answers, this one is good to do when you have extra quiet time for yourself after the mad rush of the holiday season...wind down and sit for a quiet spell)

Season of Quiet Spell

Winter is the season of introspection and wisdom. Its cold, quiet days give us a chance to rest after the spring and summer seasons of growth and expansion. Now we may meditate on chances taken, lessons learned, and other subtle changes. This is a perfect time for scrying. For this spell, you will need three candles—one each of black, white, and blue—a black bowl, and some snow or ice. Fill the bowl with snow or pieces of ice. Light the candles and set the bowl in front of them, saying:

Light and water,
Son and daughter,
Dancing in winter’s glow;
Ice and fire,
Grant desire.
Show me what I would know.

Watch for images in the flicker of candlelight on the melting ice. Pay attention to the symbolism of the shapes you see. When the bowl’s contents have melted completely, blow out the candles and pour the water outside.

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