Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pendulum Divination, Spell: Rid Oneself of Bothersome Spirit

Pendulum Divination

The pendulum is a focusing tool that opens the user to messages of
the higher self. Purchase or create a necklace to use as your
pendulum. While often used in matters that require "yes" or "no"
answers, there are many wonderful uses for your pendulum. To use it,
support your elbow on a firm surface and hold it with your thumb and
forefinger. Relax and open your mind. Direct your pendulum to swing
between two options. These answers are usually exhibited by a back-
and-forth or a side-to-side motion. Pose your question or concerns,
observe the motion that indicates your answer. Thank the energies of
the higher self. Wear your pendulum, or store it in a safe place.


Spell to Rid Oneself of a Bothersome Spirit


"What is dark be filled with light, remove this spirit from my

Before starting place your hand before you, and start the flow of
power out of your hand and then say the words, letting the
blue-white light from your power hand fill the room or house or any
other place that you might be.

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