Sunday, October 09, 2005

Myths about Black Cats

Myths About Black Cats

Black cats have taken a bad rap throughout history. Greek mythology
taught that a woman named Galenthias was turned into a cat and
became a priestess at the temple of Hecate, the "Dark Mother," and
sometimes known as the Mother of Witchcraft. During the 12th and
13th century, witches in Europe were often found with
their "familiars," usually black cats, and were said to turn
themselves into cats at times. During the witch-burning era of the
17th century, witches' cats were put into baskets and burned
alongside the witches.

Even in the 21st century, old superstitions have survived. In many
European countries and in the U.S., black cats signify bad luck,
while in England, your luck is said to turn good if a black cat
crosses your path.

(I tend to side with the Brits on this. Out of all the cats I've had in my life, black ones tend to be the nicest, sweetest pets of all. I need another black cat in my life as my last black cat Magick passed on a few years ago.)

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