Thursday, April 16, 2009

Violet Love Charm

A Violet Love Charm

Violets are symbols of loyalty, and in April they are plentiful. They carpet our lawns like a blue mist. You can use them in spells to keep your mate faithful. No doubt the Wise Ones who once walked the hills of Appalachia where I now live gathered violets on the edge of the woodland to use in spells such as this: To ensure your love remains true; Pick six violets, all must be blue. Put them in water that you have blessed; Place them where your lover's head shall rest. After you do these things, take three ribbons—pink, yellow, and white—and wait until the darkness of night. Tie them around the branch of a tree, and say: We are now bound, So mote it be.

Source: YahooGroup ADailyTarot

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