Thursday, April 27, 2006

Keep Mosquitoes Away

Repell Those Pesty Mosquitos:

For a safe alternative to potentially harmful insecticides, place
three drops of peppermint, citronella,
or eucalyptus essential oil on your socks. Mosquitoes and other bugs
hate the smell of these oils.
Don't apply essential oils to your favorite socks, as they can
stain. Some eo's may cause skin irritation,
so avoid direct contact. Reapply the eo every two to three hours.

1 comment:

Christine said...

Thanks for the info about the oils! If you (or anyone out there) is looking for another alternative (the oils can get quite messy), try the mosquito patch. It is all-natural (deet-free), only containing Vitamin Thiamin B1, and protection lasts for 36 hours. I use it at the beach every weekend and I highly recommend it! To purchase or for more info, try (click on products, then mosquito patch) I hope thsi helps!